CAUL Advisory Committees

CLTAC Bulletin No. 2 (April 2012)


eTextbooks and Open Educational Resources

ETextbooks Update.  Prepared by Maxine Brodie, Macquarie University. Briefing paper for Macquarie University Library Committee 23 February 2012.  [Members-only – linked from the display at the end of this page]

The State of the E-Textbook

Students have not yet ditched heavy textbooks, but the options for getting course materials digitally are growing.
By Rachel Sadon and Leah Yamshon, PCWorld Jun 23, 2011

E-Textbooks Saved Many Students Only $1

Despite the promise that digital textbooks can lead to huge cost savings for students, a new study at Daytona State College has found that many who tried e-textbooks saved only one dollar, compared with their counterparts who purchased traditional printed material.

By Nick DeSantis January 4, 2012, 1:03 pm

Wired Campus (

Digital Dependence of Today’s College Students Revealed in New Study from CourseSmart

CourseSmart™, the world’s largest provider of eTextbooks and digital course materials, and Wakefield Research, a consultancy specializing in strategic and tactical research, recently completed a survey of more than 500 currently enrolled college students, providing insight on how mobile devices and technology have changed the traditional college experience and the role technology plays in students’ academic abilities and success.

PR Newswire (

DT > Digital Textbooks

DT Is Devoted To Documenting Significant Initiatives That Relate To Any And All Aspects Of Digital Textbooks, Most Notably Their Use In Higher Education.

Blog by Gerry McKiernan, Associate Professor and Science and Technology Librarian Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

3 Major Publishers Sue Open-Education Textbook Start-Up By Nick DeSantis | April 5, 2012

Open-education resources have been hailed as a trove of freely available information that can be used to build textbooks at virtually no cost. But a copyright lawsuit filed last month presents a potential roadblock for the burgeoning movement.

….To gain access to the digital alternatives, students select the traditional books assigned in their classes, and Boundless pulls content from an array of open-education sources to knit together a text that the company claims is as good as the designated book.

The value of reuse of open educational resources

Produced by the HEA and JISC, highlights the need to support learners and academic staff alike in the referencing and the reuse of online resources. Read the report at:

Listen to a podcast interview with the report’s author David White at and see David’s latest video blog post at

JISC is will be enhancing the knowledge of UK universities and colleges in how to approach open educational resources and technology-enhanced learning through its digital literacies programme and OER work


Assessing Student Learning Outcomes: the AHELO Feasibility Study

Looking for the Link between Library Usage and Student Attainment (JISC Activity Data Programme)

Does Library use affect student attainment?

Paper presented to the LIBER 2011 Conference, available from:

The Library Impact Data Project: hit miss or maybe?

Graham Stone, Dave Pattern, Bryony Ramsden (Universityof Huddersfield)

9th Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Services
(paper not available yet) Conference Program Tuesday 22 August 2011

 Advancing Quality in HE


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