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New suite of National Higher Education Surveys announced

Minister for Tertiary Education, Senator Chris Evans, has launched three new National Higher Education Surveys. The survey suite has been designed to cover the student life cycle from commencement to employment. Senator Evans made the announcement while speaking at the Australian Awards for University Teaching National Ceremony on 19 November in Canberra.

The National Higher Education Surveys will improve transparency in the higher education sector and help to improve the quality of teaching and learning in universities. The surveys will be a snapshot of what students value most in universities and are an important part of the ongoing interaction with the student population. From 2013, the suite of surveys will include the University Experience Survey (UES). It will survey current university students about their satisfaction and engagement with their studies.

This will build on the 2012 UES which was administered as a nation wide survey across all universities for the first time this year.  Results from the University Experience Survey will be published on the MyUniversity website subject to consultation with the sector that the UES results are robust and valid.

In addition to the UES, the suite of surveys will include a redesigned Graduate Outcomes Survey.  The current Australian Graduate Survey will continue to be administered until 2014 in the transition to the new centralised suite of surveys. The Australian Government has also undertaken to develop a new survey of employer needs and satisfaction with graduates in line with the recommendations of the Advancing Quality in Higher Education (AQHE) Reference Group report.

The Australian Government will engage an independent organisation to centrally administer the suite of surveys commencing from 2013, ensuring they are implemented equitably and efficiently, reducing the administrative burden on universities and increasing the quality of data produced. Development of the survey suite has been overseen by the Advancing Quality in Higher Education Reference Group, chaired by Professor Ian O’Connor, Vice- Chancellor of Griffith University.

(DIISRTE (2102) Higher Education 2020 Newsletter Issue 12, December.


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