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30th annual ascilite Conference: Electric Dreams

The 2013 ascilite conference will be held at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia, 14 December 2013.

Call for Papers Electric Dreams at Macquarie University, Sydney Excellent news! Your favourite Australasian conference on the use of Computers In Learning In Tertiary Education is now calling for papers! We’re pleased to invite all you digital dreamers (and cyber somnambulists) to the 30th annual ascilite Conference: Electric Dreams! Join us from 1- 4 December 2013 at Macquarie University in Sydney, as we go on a journey through both virtual realities and literal ones. Download our Call for Papers or view a text-based version along with additional information on our website here. You can also sign up to our Facebook page and Twitter page for up-to-date news, resources, and the occasional transcendental insight.

Electric Dreams – 2013 ascilite conference, Sydney Australia, 1-4 December…


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