CAUL Advisory Committees

CQAAC 2014 strategic priorities

CAUL Strategic Plan & CQAAC 2014 priorities

Note: CQAAC’s plan was amended to reflect interest in standards (working with ALIA) for Australian academic Libraries and workforce planning initiatives.

5. Proactively build influence and visibility with policy makers through representation on relevant external bodies and coordinate responses to relevant public enquiries, as appropriate. (Executive, Advisory Committees)

60. Monitor quality initiatives, including AUQA and TEQSA developments, relevant to university libraries. (Executive, CQAAC)

10. Develop, maintain and promote the CAUL website as a source of information about higher education issues of relevance to university libraries. (Executive Officer and Advisory Committees)

14. Encourage collaboration between CAUL Advisory Committees on matters of shared interest. (Advisory Committees)

22. Further investigate the contribution of libraries to learning outcomes and the student experience by drawing on research such as the AUSSE, UES surveys. (CLTAC)

51. Liaise with Insync Surveys to improve survey for benchmarking between CAUL members. (CQAAC)

55. Review and share workforce development activities for the sector to ensure the development of a capable workforce for the future. (CQAAC)

56. Develop KPIs/benchmarking criteria for electronic materials availability. (CQAAC)

54. Advise CAUL on the use of benchmarks to improve performance. (CQAAC)


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