CAUL Advisory Committees

CAUL Advisory Committees

In 2010, CAUL reviewed its complement of working groups, focus groups, steering committees, etc with a view to normalising their structures and protocols and confirming where it needed additional focus to implement the strategic plan.

An annual review meeting has been held since 2010, with the CAUL Executive and all committee chairs, to review the year’s progress and make plans for the following year.  The record of the review meeting and the annual reports are currently available to members only, from this page, after login.

In the 2010 restructure, the terms of reference were revised, the protocols endorsed by CAUL, and the following advisory committees are now active:

CCAC (CAUL Copyright Advisory Committee)
CEIRAC (CAUL Electronic Information Resources Advisory Committee)
CLPAC (CAUL Library Publishing Advisory Committee)
CLTAC (CAUL Learning & Teaching Advisory Committee)
CQAAC (CAUL Quality & Assessment Advisory Committee)
CRAC (CAUL Research Advisory Committee)
CSAC (CAUL Statistics Advisory Committee)

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